Jay Henson

Jennifer OCS Homecoming Queen candidate Senior 2010

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My favorite picture of my oldest daughter, Jessica, after a hard day at the office

"FUR" - Jennifer is our "Thing 2",
Piano Student of the Year '04

My little girl Jessica
from picture above, (aka. "Thing 1")

And the spoiled "mama's boy" on moving day


My current position is that of Systems Programmer with the Computer Systems and Operations in Hosting Solutions
Clemson Computing and Information Technology's (CCIT) after spending almost 10 years with the MS/Linux Server support group, I worked for a couple of years in what is now the Enterprise Applications area of CCIT. I began working for CCIT about 15 years ago at Clemson University. I've moved back to working with Windows Server management and VMware as part of Hosting Solutions for about 7 years. I'm currently a systems admin for a newly formed group that is part Linux/*NIX and Windows OS administration and clearing house for issues that need to be directed to other internal groups such as infrastructure and groups with more focused missions. I've worked with a variety of hardware and development systems over the years (e.g., Visual Studio .NET, Eclipse, NetBeans, Python and most recently MS PowerShell and the VM related PowerCLI)) accessing MS SQLServer 2000/2005, Oracle 9i/10g/11g (on UNIX -- Sun), and CA-IDMS on the "mainframe"(OS/390 Enterprise server).

Summary of Job Skills / Experience:
Programming: C/C++,C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, VB.NET, PHP, Visual Basic - Visual Studio.NET, PERL, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Fortran90, JAVA
Systems: Windows 2012 Ent, Windows 2008 Enterprise and Standard Server (since NT 3.51), DOS, Windows (95 to Windows 8), Unix (Solaris, Linux), MacOS
Databases Oracle, MS SQLServer, MySQL, MS Access, Paradox, R:Base, dBase, CA-IDMS
Networking: Novell Netware, MS Windows, WiFi, VMware ( 20+ years networking experience)
Applications: MS Visual Studio, MS Office, Oracle Forms and client applications, Web Servers (IIS, Apache), data connectivity (e.g., ODBC, OTP, ADO) across various platforms, etc.
Desktop support:IBM compatible, Apple/MAC, Linux/UNIX

B.A.('79), M.A.('84) and MDiv.('85) from Bob Jones University

I have taken a few courses for fun (and credit hours) at Clemson in my spare time.
College Algebra - Audit
C Programming
Fortran90 Programming
C++ Programming

Pro Bono Webs -- http://www.thewaytech.com for something to do when I'm off, developing webs for Apache on a Linux Server mainly with PHP and MySQL.

   My wife is working part time at the Anderson Campus of Tri-County Technical College
   Jennifer, my baby girl, is now taking over Publix Grocery in Greenville, handling many jobs, but doing Event Planning for the general area. [Why does my baby girl who works for a grocery store need to take my Captain Crunch and other items while visiting? :-) ]. She did comment that we didn't have "any food" (i.e., GOOD food, snack food) in the house on a recent visit. Guess we're bad parents....

Other Interests:

My sourdough is on hiatus at present. I let my old cultrue die a while back, started a new one that was a little different but didn't like it quite as much. I'll probably get someone to push me back to this before long. Amateur Rock-Hound -
Model ship building

Through a series of coincidences, my doing some wood carving for my ship modeling hobby has pretty much turned into my primary hobby these days. I'm learning Swiss chip carving and adding several other types along the way. Making lots of expensive wood chips and shavings :-). Fishing -


    The Wilds  Christian camp and conference centers


    Bible Resources

    Preachers of the Past (hosted on The Way Tech site)


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